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About Us & Contacts

This website is not affiliated with any particular academic establishment. KirsopLabs is an independent teaching project and we encourage student contributions from anywhere in the world.

Co-Founders of KirsopLabs Project

ProfileDr Allison Kirsop (Editor & Medical Writer, rosswrite.com)

e: allisonkirsop[at]gmail.com

t:  @aross_kirsop

Hi, I’m Allison and I created the KirsopLabs site as a place for students to improve their writing and learn how to create high-quality articles as evidence of their communication skills. This is an independent site and anyone is free to write for KLabs.


IMG_1742Dr Peter Kirsop (Lecturer and Personal Tutor)

Room 281

e: p.kirsop[at]ed.ac.uk

Hello, I’m Peter and I run the organic teaching labs for Years 2 and 3 and am keen on improving student communications both inside and outside of the labs.


Our Resident Podcaster

JAL_ImageDr Julie Ann Lough

e: julieannlough[at]gmail.com

t:  @JALough


Our Student Editor

Hayley Russell – Student Editor & Writer

MChem Year 5 student, University of Edinburgh, UK.

e: s1432531[at]sms.ed.ac.uk

Our Student Authors


Ryan Treadwell – Student Editor & Mentor

MChem Year 5 student, University of Edinburgh, UK.

e: s1117769[at]sms.ed.ac.uk



sarah piggott

Sarah Piggott   

Former MChem student, University of Edinburgh, UK, now working for the Royal Society of Chemistry.

e: sarahlpiggott[at]googlemail.com



AndrewAndrew McCluskey

Former MChem student, University of Edinburgh, UK, now Ph.D. student at the University of Bath, UK.

e: andrewmccluskey[at]outlook.com

t: @drewmccluskey


Hannah Muir

Former 5th year MChem student, University of Edinburgh, UK, now employed as Assistant Editor at Wiley-VCH in Germany.

e: s1122757[at]sms.ed.ac.uk


About KLabs

KLabs was launched in 2013, and is written and managed by students and professional volunteers.

It’s a website in two parts:

The academic side

  • lab and lecture revision tools

The writing skills side

  • a unique opportunity to get published online

At the time of writing (September 2015) we have concentrated on topics and revision videos for chemistry students. But we want to extend this resource to cover all sciences where chemistry plays a part in the degree programme (biochemistry, chemical engineering, etc.)

Students from all over the world are welcome to help develop the content, and we’re looking forward to working with lots of you in the years to come.

1.  The Academic Side

You’ll find links to access lab-work files, (only relevant to Edinburgh University students). For everyone, there’s help available to assist you in your practical work – videos and articles that show you how to carry out lab techniques properly, and how to get the best out of your lab work.

2.  The Writing Skills Side

We have experienced editorial staff working on a voluntary basis to train you.

Writing articles for KirsopLabs gives you an online presence and evidence of communications skills for your next interview. Email the Editor on allisonkirsop[at]gmail.com to start learning how to write for the web and get yourself published online.

More about us

So far, (March 2016), our student writers are from the University of Edinburgh, but we welcome and encourage students from all academic institutions to contact us.

Several students have commented on the usefulness of the revision videos and have contributed to writing articles, from Year 1 through to PhD students. Don’t think that you need to be great at writing straight away. We’ll work with you and show you how it’s done. From an initial rough draft, you can be published online within a couple of edited rounds. You might be a new student (undergrad, postgrad, mature) or someone who has already graduated. Any topic that is helpful to current students is welcome.

If you’d like to contribute to the content on KLabs, contact the editor, or any of the people listed above.

It would also be great to have teaching staff on board to provide revision videos. Do you know someone who would be good at this? A favourite lecturer maybe? A postdoc in your research group? Let them know about us.

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