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5 reasons to sign up as class rep

With a new semester rolling around, a new opportunity will arise. Course organizers will soon be asking students to volunteer as class rep.

It’s a great opportunity to add to your CV, develop some transferable skills, and get to know your classmates better.

To become a class rep, you’ll first have to volunteer and then get elected. It does mean that you have to take on extra responsibility but it can help you develop some essential skills.

Something to put on your CV

Graduation may seem very far away but as a fourth year, trust me; it comes around sooner than you’d think.  Being a class rep is a great thing to have on your CV as it shows that you have excellent communication skills and are willing to take on extra responsibilities. Employers often ask ‘scenario’ questions in interviews – eg. Tell me about a time you had to deal with conflict in the workplace’ – and this may also give you some experience that you can use to illustrate your skills.

You get to know your classmates

The best way to gather feedback from your peers is by getting out there and speaking to them; people will rarely respond to emails. It means you get to know your classmates better, not only in an academic sense but a social setting too.

Develop your communication skills

One key skill that employers look for is communication skills. Being class rep is an excellent example of this and can be a key talking point in an interview. You have to obtain feedback from your classmates, pass it to the relevant staff member and notify your peers of the changes made.

You get to know more about how the school is run

Being class rep gave me a whole new perspective on how the school operates, and of how the staff keeps things running smoothly. This knowledge has helped me understand the education system better and think more clearly about how the changes students want can be implemented.

Free food

If that all hasn’t convinced you so far – food is provided at SSLC meetings.

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